6940 SOUTHBELT DRIVE SE / GRAND RAPIDS “Southbelt Data Center”
HISTORY Constructed as a disaster recovery facility, this building was built in 2006 and outfitted to withstand security threats, severe weather and much more. It is extremely well-secured boasting multiple redundant fire suppression systems, 38 cameras, infrared sensors, key-card access throughout, bulletproof
lobby area, crash gate and fence, and central automation system that can be run through Internet access. The building is made of 8 inch pre-cast concrete wrapped in stainless steel. All power, fiber optic communication HVAC and security are fully automated and redundant using multiple back-up systems including UPS batteries and dual diesel generators.
OUR SOLUTION Southbelt Data Center is a perfect example of our ability to see potential in a facility and envision how it can be leveraged to meet the needs of a new tenant. Franklin Partners saw this facility’s benefits and moved quickly to acquire it upon closure.
RESULT Today 6940 Southbelt Drive is the data operations center for Amway Corporation, acquired at a cost of less than 50% of their intended solution!


CAR 2008 Biggest Industrial Sale and Lease of the Year
Grand Rapids Business Journal 2008 Biggest Industrial Sale and Lease of the Year

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