4247 Eastern Avenue


HISTORY The former Siemens Dematic/Smiths Industries factory was empty for nearly five years and slated to be torn down and replaced with a Wal-Mart store. But after the Wal-Mart deal fell through, Franklin Partners was faced with the challenge of what to do next. With only fifteen feet of clear space between the floor and roof trusses, the plant didn’t meet the needs of most manufactures that could use a factory that large.

OUR SOLUTION Raise the roof. With help from city of Wyoming tax breaks and Rooflifters, a Toronto-and Miami-based company that specializes in the complex art of raising roofs, Franklin Partners decided to raise roughly seventy percent of the 328,000 square feet of factory space! Ten workers from Rooflifters coordinated the effort while more than seventy other contractors provided welding, new heating and cooling systems, plumbing and the roof, among other things.

RESULT While the roof-raising process has been used elsewhere around the country, Franklin Partners and Colliers officials believe the Eastern Avenue project is the largest undertaking ever in West Michigan.

Grand Rapids Business Journal 2010 Lease of the Year
CAR 2010 Biggest Industrial Lease of the Year

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